Essential Studio for WinUI Release Notes

June 21, 2023


  • WinUI controls have been upgraded to Windows App SDK 1.3.230502000.


Breaking Changes

  • The stream position is now internally reset to 0 after saving the Word document using Stream overloads.

Bug Fixes

  • #I467060 - REF field is now updated properly after calling UpdateDocumentFields API.



  • Added support for finding and extracting the RTL text in an existing PDF document.
  • Improved the performance and memory consumption of extracting images from the PDF document.
  • Added support to sign non-exportable store certificates with different algorithms.
  • Added support to get the revision details of the signature in the PDF document.
  • Added support to get the revocation certificate information and validity details.
  • Added support to specify revocation type while enabling LTV to the signature.

Bug Fixes

  • #I469640 - Fixed issue where extracted text content with the word collection had missing space between words.
  • #I465695 - Hyperlink destination no longer becomes null after adding a new hyperlink and saving.
  • #I462623 - Preservation issue no longer occurs while flattening the checkbox field in the rotated PDF document.
  • #I465500 - Conformance level now returned properly in the specific PDF document.



Breaking Changes

  • The stream position is now internally reset to 0 after saving the PowerPoint Presentation using Stream overloads.


Bug Fixes

  • #FB42789 - Nullable values are now accepted in AutoComplete control.



The linear animation types LinearFluent and LinearOscillatingBox no longer consider the SizeFactor value for width; instead, it uses the Width property value or control’s available width.



  • The chart axis now has auto-scrolling delta support, which allows for showing a specific range of data in the chart at the start or end position.

Bug Fixes

  • #458722 - Resolved application crashes when dynamically updating data points and enabling the trackball feature.



The SfMaskedTextBox control now supports the ValueChanging event.


Bug Fixes

  • #FB43925 - NumberBox values are now properly updated when setting culture.

SfRibbon Preview


  • RibbonToggleButton - Now, the RibbonToggleButton component has been included for the Ribbon control. It adapts to normal, simplified, and overflow layouts.



  • #I441410 - Opening RC4 encrypted Excel documents with a password is now supported.
  • Linear and Radial gradient fill for cells and charts are now supported in Excel to image conversion.