Essential Studio for WinUI Release Notes

December 21, 2022


  • WinUI controls have been upgraded to Windows App SDK 1.2
  • Our controls are compatible with the latest .NET 7 version.


Bug Fixes

  • #FB39169 - Now SfComboBox multi-selection mode allows selecting more than one item in a single drop-down open.



  • #I249958 – Convert the Word document to a Markdown file.
  • #I408285 – Convert charts in the Word documents to images.
  • #FB-38025 – Preserve new line characters in the table of contents entries of the Word document.



  • Provided image redaction support on .NET using the Skiasharp.

Bug Fixes

  • #I351114 - Hanging issue no longer occurs while creating the QRBarcode with Arabic text.
  • #I419248 - The ExtractText returning incorrect coordinate bounds is now resolved.
  • #I419825 - The formatting exception when getting color from the specific free text annotation PDF document is now resolved.
  • #I423210 - Unable to edit the XMP Metadata no longer occurs in a specific PDF document.
  • #I421277 - OCSP information not embedded while enabling LTV for a specific certificate is now resolved.
  • #I420411 - The flattened annotations not located properly in the specific PDF document is now resolved.
  • #I418723 - The argument exception no longer occurs while compressing a specific PDF document.
  • #I418031 - Find text failure for the text containing numbers with hyphens is now resolved.
  • #I415562 - The out of Memory exception no longer occurs when performing extract text for a particular PDF document.
  • #I415274 - Export annotation as XFDF not working properly for a specific PDF document is now resolved.
  • #I420973 - The ink annotation not preserved properly while flattening a specific PDF document is now resolved.
  • #I421396 - The exception no longer occurs when providing an invalid check digit value to the Ean13 Barcode.
  • #I421642 - The layer subject is no longer changed after merging a PDF document.
  • #I421061 - The image size not reduced properly while compressing a specific PDF document is now resolved.
  • #I421114 - The preservation issue no longer occurs while drawing the nested grid in a PDF document.
  • #I420853 – Converting a specific Document to PDF results in large-size output is now resolved.
  • #I418989 - The textbox multiline preservation issue no longer occurs in a specific PDF document.
  • #I417772 - The extraction failure no longer occurs when extracting attachments from a PDF document.
  • #I415576 - The hanging issue no longer occurs when performing signature validation for a particular PDF document.
  • #F176704 - The incorrect signature validation results no longer occur while validating the signature.



  • #I285034, #I300854 – Apply highlight color to a text in the PowerPoint Presentation.
  • #I396782, #I421732 – Find the first occurrence or all occurrences of a text in the entire PowerPoint Presentation or specific slide.

Breaking Changes

  • In earlier releases, the given System.IO.Stream instance as a parameter to Open methods was disposed of internally. From this release onwards, Presentation.Open(Stream) and Presentation.Open(Stream, String) methods will not dispose of the specified stream instance. The user has to take care of its disposal in their application.
  • The below listed APIs has been moved to Syncfusion.Presentation and Syncfusion.PresentationRenderer.
Name Type Old Namespace New Namespace
TransitionEffect Enum Syncfusion.Presentation.SlideTransition Syncfusion.Presentation
TransitionEffectOption Enum Syncfusion.Presentation.SlideTransition Syncfusion.Presentation
TransitionSpeed Enum Syncfusion.Presentation.SlideTransition Syncfusion.Presentation
ISlideShowTransition Interface Syncfusion.Presentation.Interfaces Syncfusion.Presentation
PresentationToPdfConverter Class Syncfusion.PresentationToPdfConverter Syncfusion.PresentationRenderer
PresentationToPdfConverterSettings Class Syncfusion.PresentationToPdfConverter Syncfusion.PresentationRenderer
SlidesPerPage Enum Syncfusion.PresentationToPdfConverter Syncfusion.PresentationRenderer
PublishOptions Enum Syncfusion.PresentationToPdfConverter Syncfusion.PresentationRenderer

SfRibbon Preview


  • Compact sizing for Ribbon - Now, the ribbon control supports rendering a high density layout using the compact mode.

SfMaskedTextBox New

The .NET WinUI SfMaskedTextBox is an advanced version of the input control that restricts input of certain characters, text, and numbers by using a mask pattern. This control is used to create a template for providing information such as telephone numbers, email IDs, IP addresses, product keys, and so on.

Key features

  • MaskTypes: The input can be masked with a fixed or variable length by setting the mask type to simple or regex, respectively.
  • PromptChar: Customize the prompt characters used to set the default characters as input in the absence of input.
  • Value: Enter values and clipboard operations in the control based on the ValueMaskFormat property.
  • ValueMaskFormat: Setting formatted values in the control using mask format values such as prompt, literals, and both.
  • Customization: Customize the UI of the masked text box.

SfRating Preview


The Rating control now allows users to arrange the rating items either vertically or horizontally.

SfShadow Preview


The Shadow control now includes the ability to enable or disable the shadow effect as needed.



  • Excel Exporting - Provided support to export the TreeGrid data to Microsoft Excel.


Breaking Changes

  • #F178313 - Remove method is added under IPivotFilters interface to remove existing filters in the pivot field.