WinUI Calendar DateRange Picker Overview

26 Apr 2021 / 1 minute to read

The WinUI Calendar DateRange Picker control provides an intuitive, touch-friendly interface to quickly select a date range from a dropdown calendar. It supports different date formats. Date selection can be restricted by specifying minimum and maximum dates. Specific dates can also disabled from selection. In addition, it supports built-in watermark text display.

Normal view:

Calendar DateRange Picker with normal view

Expanded view:

Calendar DateRange Picker with dropdown date spinner

Key Features

  • Calendar DateRange Picker supports different culture and language types.
  • The dropdown region used for selecting the date range can be customized.
  • Displays the selected date range value in a various formats.
  • Dropdown display area in Calendar DateRange Picker control is limited using abbreviated days and months.
  • Supports blocking a certain dates from selection and user interaction.
  • Supports showing preset items containing predefined date range values in dropdown.