ToolTip Support in Windows Forms TreeMap

29 Apr 20211 minute to read

Tooltip shows additional information on the tree map control. Visibility of tooltip can be controlled using the IsToolTipVisible property. The format of the tooltip header and item can be customized using the HeaderToolTipInfo and ItemToolTipInfo properties.

Code sample

ToolTipInfo itemInfoHead = new ToolTipInfo();

itemInfoHead.ToolTipHeaderPattern = "<b>{Label}</b>";

itemInfoHead.ToolTipContentPattern = "Growth \t  :  {Growth} % ";

TreeMap1.HeaderToolTipInfo = itemInfoHead;

ToolTipInfo itemInfo = new ToolTipInfo();

itemInfo.ToolTipHeaderPattern = "<b>{Country}</b>";

itemInfo.ToolTipContentPattern = "Growth \t      :  {Growth} %  \nPopulation   :  {StrPopulation}  ";

TreeMap1.ItemToolTipInfo = itemInfo;