How to load image to the ImageStreamer?

3 Sep 20201 minute to read

Image can be loaded to the ImageStreamer using the Images property in the ImageCollection.

//To add images into the ImageStreamer 

'To add images into the ImageStreamer 

Me.imageStreamer1.Images.Add(DirectCast(resources.GetObject("imageStreamer1.Images"), System.Drawing.Image))

Images are added into the ImageStreamer through designer using below steps

Step 1:

Select Groups Collection to add LayoutGroup in to TileLayout.

Select groups collection

It will show the LayoutGroup Collection Editor window as shown in the below image.

Add layout group

Step 2:

Select Items to include ImageStreamer into the LayoutGroup. It will opens the ImageStreamer Collection Editor window.

Select items

Step 3:

In ImageStreamer, select Images from the ImageCollection to include images as mentioned in below screenshot.

Select images collection

Add custom image