Appearance Settings in Windows Forms Tile Layout

29 Apr 20211 minute to read


This SetParentFormFlat property gives flat look for the the parent Form.

//Enables flat look for parent form

this.tileLayout1.SetParentFormFlat = true;
'Enables flat look for parent form

Me.tileLayout1.SetParentFormFlat = True

Tile layout customization


Shows the Group Title while enabling this ShowGroupTitle property.

//Shows the Group Title

this.tileLayout1.ShowGroupTitle = true;
'Shows the Group Title

 Me.tileLayout1.ShowGroupTitle = True

Tile layout group title


IgnoreThemeBackground indicates whether the control will ignore the theme’s background color and draw the BackColor instead. BackColor of the TileLayout will only be applied if the IgnoreThemeBackground property is set to true.

//To apply BackColor of the TileLayout

 this.tileLayout1.IgnoreThemeBackground = true;
To apply BackColor of the TileLayout

 Me.tileLayout1.IgnoreThemeBackground = true

TileLayout back color customization