TextBoxExt is a textbox derived control that can display different border colors and styles.

Overview of Syncfusion TextBoxExt


TextBoxExt is an advanced TextBox control and has following features.


  • Text Settings

Text can be selected, formatted, clipped, aligned and displayed from right to left using the text settings of the TextBoxExt control.

Multiline text can be displayed using the control.

Text overflow indicator tooltips can be set using the OverflowIndicatorTooltipText property.

  • Appearance Settings

The background and foreground color of the control can be set.

  • Behavior Settings

The maximum length of the text can be set. Text can be displayed in the ReadOnly mode using the ReadOnly property.

  • Border Settings

2D and 3D border styles can be applied to the TextBoxExt.

The color of the border can also be set for the control using the BorderColor property.

  • Layout Settings

The maximum and minimum size of the control can be set.

  • Applying Themes

Themed appearance can be provided for the TextBoxExt control.

Key features

  • Provides different border colors and styles.
  • Provides options to show text overflow indicators and overflow indicator tooltips.
  • Supports themes.