How to Display TabStrip when there are no TabPages?

3 Sep 20201 minute to read

The TabStrip can be made visible even if there are no TabPages added. The TabControlAdv has a ReserveTabSpace property which makes the tab strip visible when set to true. ReservedSpace property is used to specify the height of the tab strip when the above bool property is enabled.

//Setting the visibility of TabStrip.

this.tabControlAdv1.ReserveTabSpace = true;

//Specifying the height of the TabStrip.

this.tabControlAdv1.ReservedSpace = 25;
'Setting the visibility of TabStrip.

Me.tabControlAdv1.ReserveTabSpace =  True

'Specifying the height of the TabStrip.

Me.tabControlAdv1.ReservedSpace = 25

Reserved tab space