Button Settings in Windows Forms TabbedMDI

7 Sep 20234 minutes to read

This section discusses about the various buttons available in TabbedMDIManager control and their customization.

The MDIChild windows in a TabbedMDI window can be displayed in the form of a drop-down by enabling the DropDownButtonVisible property.

this.tabbedMDIManager.DropDownButtonVisible = true;
Me.tabbedMDIManager.DropDownButtonVisible = True

The visual drop-down styles can be set by handling the BeforeDropDownPopup event using the below code snippet.


this.tabbedMDIManager.BeforeDropDownPopup += new DropDownPopupEventHandler(tabbedMDIManager_BeforeDropDownPopup);

private void tabbedMDIManager_BeforeDropDownPopup(object sender, DropDownPopupEventArgs e)


e.ParentBarItem.Style = Syncfusion.Windows.Forms.VisualStyle.Office2003;


AddHandler tabbedMDIManager.BeforeDropDownPopup, AddressOf tabbedMDI_BeforeDropDownPopup

Private Sub tabbedMDI_BeforeDropDownPopup(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As Syncfusion.Windows.Forms.Tools.DropDownPopupEventArgs) Handles TabbedMDIManager.BeforeDropDownPopup

e.ParentBarItem.Style = Syncfusion.Windows.Forms.VisualStyle.Office2003

e.Cancel = Me.checkBox5.Checked

End Sub

Drop down button to display list of tabbed mdi forms

Close button

On setting the CloseButtonVisible property, the close button will be either visible or hidden.

Enabling the ShowCloseButtonForActiveTabOnly property will display the close button for the active tab only and ShowCloseButton property will display the close button for all the tabs.

The close button for individual tabs can also be displayed by implementing the below code snippet.

//Individual Close Buttons enabled.

this.tabbedMDIManager.ShowCloseButton = true;

//Close Buttons for Active Tabs only.

this.tabbedMDIManager.ShowCloseButtonForActiveTabOnly = true;

//Close Button can be made visible.

this.tabbedMDIManager.CloseButtonVisible = true;
' Individual Close Buttons enabled.

Me.tabbedMDIManager.CloseButtonVisible = True

' Close Buttons for active Tabs only.

Me.tabbedMDIManager.ShowCloseButtonForActiveTabOnly = True

' Close Button can be made visible.

Me.tabbedMDIManager.ShowCloseButton = True

Tabbed MDI form with separate close button

The color of the close button at the extreme right of the MDI TabStrip can be changed using the CloseButtonColor property.

this.tabbedMDIManager.CloseButtonColor = Color.Red;
Me.tabbedMDIManager.CloseButtonColor = Color.Red

Customized close button color in tabbed mdi forms

Middle mouse button

The tabs can be closed by clicking the middle mouse button on enabling the CloseOnMiddleButtonClick property.

This functionality can also be added using the code snippet given below.

this.tabbedMDIManager.CloseOnMiddleButtonClick = true;
Me.tabbedMDIManager.CloseOnMiddleButtonClick = True

Support to show or hide close button for individual tabs

Essential Tools for Windows Forms now provides support to show or hide close button of the individual tabs in TabbedMDI Manager.

Use case scenarios

Using this feature you can hide the close button for the tabs you want to restrict close and show for the rest of the tabs.


Method table

Method Description Parameters Type Return Type Reference links
ShowCloseButtonForForm() This method will display the close button for the specific tabs alone. Form,bool NA void NA

To view a sample:

  1. Open Syncfusion Dashboard.
  2. Click Windows Forms.
  3. Click Run Samples.
  4. Navigate to Tools Sample > Tabbed MDI Package > Tabbed MDI.

Showing or hiding the Close Button for Specific Tabs

You can show or hide close button for specific tasks using the ShowCloseButtonForForm method.

this.tabbedMDIManager.ShowCloseButtonForForm(form,true );