Appearance Settings in Windows Forms TabbedMDI

The variousAppearance Settings for TabbedMDIManager are discussed in this section.

Foreground settings

This section guides you in setting the text and icons for the tabs.

Tab text

The text of the tabs can be set by directly setting the Text property of the form, if the tabbed window is going to be a normal form.

Icon settings

The below properties controls the appearance and behavior of the icon settings.

Property table

TabbedMDIManager property Description
Icon Gets/sets icons for tabs. When the Icon property is clicked, the browse page will be displayed, through which the user can select the icon to be displayed.
UseIconsInTabs Gets/sets the value which determines whether icons should be added to the MDIChild.
ImageSize The size of the image or icon that you want to add to the tabs can be set using this property.
this.Text = "Tabbed MDI Demo (Syncfusion Inc.)";

this.Icon = ((System.Drawing.Icon)(resources.GetObject("$this.Icon")));

this.TabbedMDIManager.UseIconsInTabs = false;

this.tabbedMDIManager1.ImageSize = new System.Drawing.Size(16, 16);
Me.Text = "Tabbed MDI Demo (Syncfusion Inc.)" 

Me.Icon = CType((resources.GetObject("$this.Icon")), System.Drawing.Icon)

Me.TabbedMDIManager.UseIconsInTabs = False

Me.TabbedMDIManager1.ImageSize = New System.Drawing.Size(20, 20)

Applying themes

The TabbedMDIManager Control can be themed by enabling the ThemesEnabled property.

this.tabbedMDIManager1.ThemesEnabled = true;
Me.tabbedMDIManager1.ThemesEnabled = True


TabbedMDIManager provides complete support for customizing the active and inactive tabs back color, fore color, and font.


This option helps to customize the active tab back color.

this.tabbedMDIManager.ActiveTabBackColor = Color.Red;
Me.tabbedMDIManager.ActiveTabBackColor = Color.Red


This option helps to customize the inactive tab back color.

this.tabbedMDIManager.TabBackColor = Color.Green;
Me.tabbedMDIManager.TabBackColor = Color.Green


This option helps to customize the active tab fore color.

this.tabbedMDIManager.ActiveTabForeColor = Color.Yellow;
Me.tabbedMDIManager.ActiveTabForeColor = Color.Yellow


This option helps to customize the inactive tab fore color.

this.tabbedMDIManager.TabForeColor = Color.Violet;
Me.tabbedMDIManager.TabForeColor = Color.Violet


This option helps to customize the background color of tab panel.

this.tabbedMDIManager.TabPanelBackColor = Color.LightGreen;
Me.tabbedMDIManager.TabPanelBackColor = Color.LightGreen


This option helps to customize the active tab font.

this.tabbedMDIManager.ActiveTabFont = new Font("Algerian", 10);
Me.tabbedMDIManager.ActiveTabFont = new Font("Algerian", 10)


This property helps to customize the inactive tab font.

this.tabbedMDIManager.TabFont = new Font("Arial Black", 10);
Me.tabbedMDIManager.TabFont = new Font("Arial Black", 10)


This property helps to customize bottom line in tab panel.

this.tabbedMDIManager.TabPanelBorderColor = Color.Orange;
Me.tabbedMDIManager.TabPanelBorderColor = Color.Orange