Appearance Settings in Windows Forms statusbaradvpanel

29 Apr 20211 minute to read

The appearance of the StatusBarAdvPanel control can be enhanced using the properties given below.

Background settings

The StatusBarAdvPanel control’s background can be customized using the various options provided in the BackgroundColor property given below.

Property Table

StatusBarAdvPanel Property Description
BackgroundColor Gets / sets the background gradient and other styles.
Style Specifies the brush style.


Pattern and


BackColor Specifies the back color of the control.
ForeColor Specifies the fore color for any text or graphics in the control.
PatternStyle Specifies the pattern style of the control.
GradientBackground Indicates whether the background will be drawn with the gradient.
GradientStyle Specifies the gradient style of the background.ForwardDiagonal,BackwardDiagonal,Horizontal,Vertical,PathRectangle andPathEllipse.
GradientColors Specifies the gradient colors.The first entry in this list will be the same as the BackColor property, the last entry will be the same as the ForeColor property.
this.statusBarAdvPanel1.BackgroundColor = new Syncfusion.Drawing.BrushInfo(Syncfusion.Drawing.GradientStyle.PathRectangle, System.Drawing.Color.LavenderBlush, System.Drawing.Color.RosyBrown);
Me.statusBarAdvPanel1.BackgroundColor = New Syncfusion.Drawing.BrushInfo(Syncfusion.Drawing.GradientStyle.PathRectangle, System.Drawing.Color.LavenderBlush, System.Drawing.Color.RosyBrown)


Icon settings

Icons can be added to the StatusBarAdvPanels using the property given below.

Property Table

StatusBarAdvPanel Property Description
Icon Indicates the icon of the panel.
this.Icon = ((System.Drawing.Icon)(resources.GetObject("$this.Icon")));
Me.Icon = DirectCast((resources.GetObject("$this.Icon")), System.Drawing.Icon)