What are the events implemented in the Windows Forms SplitterControl

29 Apr 20211 minute to read

The following listed events are implemented in the SplitterControl.

Events table

Events Description
CancelMode Triggers when the Window receives a WM_CANCELMODE message.
SplitBarsChanged Triggers when the SplitBars property has changed.
VSplitPostChanged Triggers when the vertical splitter position has changed.
HSplitPostChanged Triggers when the horizontal splitter position has changed.
SplitterLayoutChanged Triggers when the splitter layout has changed.
ButtonLookChanged Triggers when the ButtonLook property has changed.
Office2007ScrollBarsColorSchemeChanged Triggers when the Office2007ColorScheme property has changed.
ShowToolTipsChanged Triggers when the ShowToolTips property has changed.
ThemeChanged Triggers when the ThemesEnabled property has changed.