Customization in Windows Forms Spell Checker (SpellCheckerAdv)

29 Apr 20211 minute to read

SpellCheckerAdv allows customizing options to add misspelled words from the input text to the error list.

SpellCheckerAdv checker = new SpellCheckerAdv();

checker.IgnoreEmailAddress = true;
checker.IgnoreFileNames = true;

checker.IgnoreHtmlTags = true;

checker.IgnoreUrl = true;

checker.IgnoreSpecialSymbols = true;

checker.IgnoreMixedCaseWords = true;

checker.IgnoreUpperCaseWords = true;

checker.IgnoreAlphaNumericWords = true;
Private checker As New SpellCheckerAdv()

checker.IgnoreEmailAddress = True

checker.IgnoreFileNames = True

checker.IgnoreHtmlTags = True

checker.IgnoreUrl = True

checker.IgnoreSpecialSymbols = True

checker.IgnoreMixedCaseWords = True

checker.IgnoreUpperCaseWords = True

checker.IgnoreAlphaNumericWords = True

These options are accessible at runtime through the Spell Checker Options dialog. This can be invoked by Options button available in the SpellChecker dialog.

SpellCheckerAdv dialog window

SpellCheckerAdv spell checker option window

Getting suggestions for wrong word

SpellCheckerAdv provides support to get suggestion list by passing the wrong word in the below methods.