Windows Forms Sparkline Overview

26 May 20231 minute to read

A Sparkline control is a type of information graphic characterized by its small size, high data density and lightweight. It presents trends and variations in a very condensed fashion. The Sparkline does not contain an axis scale and is intended to give a high level overview of what happened to the data over time.

Use Case Scenarios

A sparkline can display a trend based on adjacent data in a clear and compact graphical representation. The purpose of sparkline is to quickly see the data range difference with high density data and it is represented in lightweight graphical representation. You can use it as per your requirement.

The following screenshot shows three types of sparklines, which are drawn inside the grid control cell, based on row values.

Use case scenarios in WindowsForms Sparkline

Tables for Properties, Methods, and Events


Property Description Type Data Type Reference links
Type Specifies the types of spark lines.LineColumnWinLossBy default, it is set to Line type. NA NA NA
Source Gets or sets the data source for sparkline data points NA NA NA
LineStyle Customizes the styles of Line sparkline NA NA NA
ColumnStyle Customizes the styles of Column and WinLoss sparklines NA NA NA
Markers Enables the markers support to sparkline NA NA NA
BackInterior Customizes the background color of the control. By default, it is set to White color NA NA NA


Method Description Parameters Type Return Type Reference links
GetHighPoint Gets the highest point value from the sparkline NA NA Void NA
GetLowPoint Gets the lowest point value from the sparkline NA NA Void NA
GetStartPoint Gets the start point value from the sparkline NA NA Void NA
GetEndPoint Gets the end point value from the sparkline NA NA Void NA

To access a Sparkline sample Demo:

  1. Open the Syncfusion Dashboard.

  2. Select User Interface.

  3. Click the Windows Forms drop-down list and select Explore Samples.

  4. Navigate to Chart.Windows -> Samples -> SparklineChart.