Essential Studio for Windows Forms Release Notes

April 13, 2021


Bug fixes

  • #I318918 - Now, the chart will be rendered properly when using series datapoint with large decimal value.


No Changes for this product in this version.


Bug Fixes

  • #F163509 - VisualStudio will no longer crash while resizing the GradientPanelExt.


Bug Fixes

  • #320706 - TimeStampServer is now working properly with credentials in core platforms.
  • #320009 - Text rendering issues no longer occurs while filling the form fields with Arabic characters in the existing PDF document.
  • #319691 - Null reference exception will no longer be thrown while importing annotation in existing pdf document.
  • #317565 - File size will not be increased when creating font using a file path.
  • #319681 - Clipping issue has been resolved when converting EMF to PDF document.
  • #319073 - Font issue no longer occurs occurs while adding PdfHTMLTextElement text string with standard fonts in Net core.
  • #F163672 - Empty pages are now preserved properly while loading and saving the particular PDF document.


Bug Fixes

  • #I317439,#I320958 - The performance of the text extraction is now improved.


No Changes for this product in this version.


Bug Fixes

  • #I317368 - The ribbon tabs will no longer scroll when the mouse is scrolled over the combobox item.


Bug Fixes

  • #I318471 - Font is correct in RTF text while parsing bullet formatting.
  • #I319080 - Correctly handled the Pivot cache area reference.
  • #I318774 - Two different types of conditional format icon sets are now applied correctly.
  • #I320381 - Excel file with the black-and-white option enabled in page settings is now converted properly to PDF.
  • #I319833 - OutOfMemoryException thrown while converting Excel to PDF is now resolved.
  • #I317378 - Cell border position is now correct for RTL direction in Excel to PDF conversion.
  • #I318795 - Hebrew text is now rendered properly in Excel to PDF conversion.
  • #I318796 - Shape text for RTL direction is now proper in Excel to PDF conversion.

IndexOutOfRangeException thrown while converting chart series in PPTX to PDF is now resolved.
Worksheet protected with empty password is now handled correctly.