Windows Forms Radial Gauge (Gauge) Overview

29 Apr 20211 minute to read

The Gauge control for Windows Forms is a data visualization tool that can be used to display several data points or data ranges in a precise and compact area. The data displayed in the control can be quickly understood by the user. Syncfusion’s Windows Forms library enables users to configure the Gauge control through C# codes. The Gauge control comes with sophisticated customization support.

The Gauge control is intended for developers who want to use gauges in their Windows Forms applications. It is a very useful control to indicate the current value in a range of values.


Windows Forms supports rich set of gauges to provide an intuitive and attractive way to display information graphically.

Name Description
[RadialGauge]( Visualize a range of values in radial scale with circular, helical or half-circular representation.
[LinearGauge]( Visualize a range of values in linear scale with horizontal or vertical representation.
[DigitalGauge]( Visualize alphanumeric values in appearance like LED digital display.