Events in Windows Forms Navigation Drawer

28 Apr 20213 minutes to read

The below four events are implemented in Transition.


This Opening event occurs when expand Transition begins.

//Raises when expand Transition begins.

public event OpeningEventHandler Opening;

//Hooking the Opening event.

navigationDrawer1.Opening += new OpeningEventHandler(navigationDrawer1_Opening);

public void navigationDrawer1_Opening(object sender, OpeningEventArgs e)

 MessageBox.Show(Transition begins);
'Raises when expand Transition begins.

Public event OpeningEventHandler Opening

'Hooking the Opening event.

navigationDrawer1.Opening += New OpeningEventHandler(navigationDrawer1_Opening)

Public Sub navigationDrawer1_Opening(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As OpeningEventArgs)

MessageBox.Show(Transition begins)

End Sub


The Closing Occurs when collapse Transition begins.

//Raises when collapse Transition begins.

public event ClosingEventHandler Closing;

//Hooking the Closing event.

navigationDrawer1.Closing += new ClosingEventHandler(navigationDrawer1_Closing);

void navigationDrawer1_Closing(object sender, CancelEventArgs e)


MessageBox.Show(Collapses begins);

'Raises when collapse Transition begins.

Public event ClosingEventHandler Closing

'Hooking the Closing event.

navigationDrawer1.Closing += New ClosingEventHandler(navigationDrawer1_Closing)

Private Sub navigationDrawer1_Closing(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As CancelEventArgs)

MessageBox.Show(Collapses begins)

End Sub


This Opened event occurs when expand Transition ends.

//Raises when expand Transition ends.

public event OpenedEventHandler Opened;

//Hooking the Opened event.

navigationDrawer1.Opened += new OpenedEventHandler(navigationDrawer1_Opened);

void navigationDrawer1_Opened(object sender, EventArgs e)


MessageBox.Show(Transition Ends);

'Raises when expand Transition ends.

Public event OpenedEventHandler Opened

'Hooking the Opened event.

navigationDrawer1.Opened += New OpenedEventHandler(navigationDrawer1_Opened)

Private Sub navigationDrawer1_Opened(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs)

MessageBox.Show(Transition Ends)

End Sub


The Closed event occurs when collapse Transition ends.

//Raises when collapse Transition ends.

public event ClosedEventHandler Closed;

//Hooking the Closed event.

navigationDrawer1.Closed += new ClosedEventHandler(navigationDrawer1_Closed);

void navigationDrawer1_Closed(object sender, EventArgs e)


MessageBox.Show(Collapses ends);

'Raises when collapse Transition ends.

Public event ClosedEventHandler Closed

'Hooking the Closed event.

navigationDrawer1.Closed += New ClosedEventHandler(navigationDrawer1_Closed)

Private Sub navigationDrawer1_Closed(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs)

MessageBox.Show(Collapses ends)

End Sub