What are all the customization options available in MessageBoxAdv?

9 Dec 20191 minute to read

MessageBoxAdv appearance can be customized using the following options.

Properties Description
ApplyAeroTheme Gets or sets to Force the OS Aero theme look and feel when Office2007Visual style is enabled. This does not work for XP and lower OS versions.
CaptionAlign Gets or sets the title alignment, that is not applicable when enabling ApplyAeroTheme property in Default Style.
DropShadow Gets or sets whether to show the DropShadow effect.
MaximumSize Gets or sets the Maximum Size.
MessageBoxStyle Gets or sets a value indicating the style used for drawing the control.
MetroColorTable Gets or sets the MetroStyleColorTable.
Office2007Theme Gets or sets the Office2007 theme.
//To disable the Aero theme

MessageBoxAdv.ApplyAeroTheme = false;

//To set the Caption alignment

MessageBoxAdv.CaptionAlign = HorizontalAlignment.Right;

//To show the shadow effect

MessageBoxAdv.DropShadow = true;

//To set the Maximum size 

MessageBoxAdv.MaximumSize = new System.Drawing.Size(520, Screen.PrimaryScreen.WorkingArea.Size.Height);

//To set the Style

MessageBoxAdv.MessageBoxStyle = MessageBoxAdv.Style.Metro;

//To assign the MetroColorTable

MessageBoxAdv.MetroColorTable = new MetroStyleColorTable();

//To set the Office2007 color scheme

MessageBoxAdv.Office2007Theme = Office2007Theme.Blue;
'To disable the Aero theme

MessageBoxAdv.ApplyAeroTheme = false

'To set the Caption alignment

MessageBoxAdv.CaptionAlign = HorizontalAlignment.Right

'To show the shadow effect

MessageBoxAdv.DropShadow = true

'To set the Maximum size

MessageBoxAdv.MaximumSize = New System.Drawing.Size(520, Screen.PrimaryScreen.WorkingArea.Size.Height)

'To set the MessageBoxAdv Style

MessageBoxAdv.MessageBoxStyle = MessageBoxAdv.Style.Metro

'To assign the MetroColorTable

MessageBoxAdv.MetroColorTable = New MetroStyleColorTable

'To set the Office2007 color scheme

MessageBoxAdv.Office2007Theme = Office2007Theme.Blue