Windows Forms ListView (SfListView) Overview

14 Jun 20211 minute to read

The list view control allows user to select an item or multiple items from a list-like interface. The data can be sorted, grouped, and filtered with ease.

Key Features are:

  • Data binding: Support to bind IEnumerable type data sources.
  • Performance: Optimized view reusing strategy for enhanced performance.
  • Data operations such as sorting, grouping, and filtering.
  • Selection: Support to select an item with different selection modes.
  • Check box with selection: Support to choose multiple items from a list with different check box selection modes.
  • Select all items: Support to choose all the items from the list.
  • Recursive checking: Supports selecting all the list view items based on groups.
  • Auto fitting: Support to fit all the items based on the content.
  • Item height: Support to customize height of the group header and item.
  • Styling: Supports customizing styles and appearance of the items in a list.
  • Theme: Supports several built-in Office 2016 themes.
  • Accessibility: Supports various accessibility features to make applications available to wide variety of users.