Register Syncfusion License key in Windows Forms application

29 Jun 20221 minute to read

The generated license key is just a string that needs to be registered before any Syncfusion control is initiated. The following code is used to register the license.

Syncfusion.Licensing.SyncfusionLicenseProvider.RegisterLicense("YOUR LICENSE KEY");


  • Place the license key between double quotes. Also, ensure that Syncfusion.Licensing.dll is referenced in your project where the license key is being registered.
  • Syncfusion license validation is done offline during application execution and does not require internet access. Apps registered with a Syncfusion license key can be deployed on any system that does not have an internet connection.

Windows Forms

You can register the licensing code in static void main method before calling Application.Run() method in C#. In Visual Basic, register the licensing code in Application.designer.vb file constructor.


If the Application.Designer.vb file is not included by default in the project, it will be generated in the My Project folder in your VB project directory.

static void Main()
	//Register Syncfusion license
	Syncfusion.Licensing.SyncfusionLicenseProvider.RegisterLicense("YOUR LICENSE KEY");
    Application.Run(new Form1());
Public Sub New()
		'Register Syncfusion License
		Syncfusion.Licensing.SyncfusionLicenseProvider.RegisterLicense("YOUR LICENSE KEY")
		Me.IsSingleInstance = False
		Me.EnableVisualStyles = True
		Me.SaveMySettingsOnExit = True
		Me.ShutdownStyle = Global.Microsoft.VisualBasic.ApplicationServices.ShutdownMode.AfterMainFormCloses
End Sub