How to toggle the visibility of an HTML element in the HTMLUI control at run-time?

9 Dec 20192 minutes to read

Each HTML element in the HTMLUI has an xVisible attribute by default that helps the user to toggle the visibility of a particular element. Since the xVisible is a bool property, the value to be set is either true or false, as string.

The following code snippet shows how the visibility of an element is toggled on the execution of an event.





<td id="popup">Cell Toggle</td>

<td id="popup">Cell Toggle</td>



<td colspan="2">

<img src="sync.gif" id="img"/>





IHTMLElement image = Global.Document.GetElementByUserId("img");

image.Click += new EventHandler(image_Click);

IHTMLElement[] elem = this.htmluiControl1.Document.GetElementsByName("td");

public void image_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)


string visibleString = "";


if(this.bDescriptionHidden == false)

visibleString = "false";


visibleString = "true";

this.bDescriptionHidden = !this.bDescriptionHidden;

foreach (IHTMLElement description in elem)


if(description.ID == "popup")

description.Attributes["xVisible"].Value = visibleString;




Private image As IHTMLElement = Global.Document.GetElementByUserId("img")

Private image.Click += New EventHandler(image_Click)

Private elem As IHTMLElement() = Me.htmluiControl1.Document.GetElementsByName("td")

Public Sub image_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs)

Dim visibleString As String = ""


If Me.bDescriptionHidden = False Then

visibleString = "false"


visibleString = "true"

End If

Me.bDescriptionHidden = Not Me.bDescriptionHidden

For Each description As IHTMLElement In elem

If description.ID = "popup" Then

description.Attributes("xVisible").Value = visibleString

End If

Next description



End Sub