Features overview

27 Sep 20181 minute to read

This section discusses the feature list of GroupView.


  • Appearance and Behavior Settings

    Flat look can be enabled for the control. The border style of the control can be customized.

    Drag-and-drop settings provides options to drag-and-drop GroupView Items. Spacing can be provided between the Items, and the GroupView control and Items.

    Integrated Scrolling is supported.

    Allows the user to clone Microsoft OutlookBar and Microsoft VS.NET toolbox window.

  • Text Settings

    The text of the GroupView Items can be highlighted and formatted. The text offset can also be set.

    Options for renaming the GroupView Items at run-time, described as in-place Renaming is supported by the GroupView control.

  • Color Settings

    Colors can be applied to highlight the GroupView Items and text.

  • Image Settings

    Small and large images can be displayed in the GroupView Items. Spacing can be provided between the images.

    Highlighting of images is supported.

  • Orientation Settings

    Supports both Horizontal and Vertical orientation of GroupView Items.

  • ToolTip Support

    ToolTips can be enabled for individual GroupView Items.

  • Built-in Context Menu

    The context menu can be easily associated with GroupView controls.

  • Themes Support

    Using the ThemesEnabled property, themed appearance can be provided for the GroupView control.