How to Filter a Collection

27 Mar 20181 minute to read

To add a filter condition, add a RecordFilterDescriptor to the Engine.TableDescriptor.RecordFilters collection. The constructor on the RecordFilterDescription takes an expression, “[D] LIKE ‘d1’”. This expression will be True only for those items in the list where the string property D has the value d1. Here are some other valid expressions where B is an integer property:

  • “[B] = 5 OR [B] < 0”

  • “[D] LIKE ‘d1’ OR [B] = 2”

// Filter on [D] = d1
RecordFilterDescriptor recordFilterDescriptor = new RecordFilterDescriptor("[D] LIKE 'd1'");
' Filter on [D] = d1
Dim recordFilterDescriptor As New RecordFilterDescriptor("[D] LIKE 'd1'")