How to Get New Form Window in Front of an Active Window while Double Clicking a Cell

3 Jan 20201 minute to read

To display a new form window while double clicking a cell, TableControlCellDoubleClick event is handled. window.BringToFront() method is used to bring the new window in front of the active window, but this is effective only if FocusOnMouseDown property is set to false.

//Form loads...
    gridGroupingControl1.TableControlCellDoubleClick += GridGroupingControl1OnTableControlCellDoubleClick;
    gridGroupingControl1.TableOptions.ListBoxSelectionMode = SelectionMode.One;
    gridGroupingControl1.TableControl.FocusOnMouseDown = false;
private void GridGroupingControl1OnTableControlCellDoubleClick(object sender, GridTableControlCellClickEventArgs e)
    var window = new Form1();
'Form loads...
AddHandler gridGroupingControl1.TableControlCellDoubleClick, AddressOf GridGroupingControl1OnTableControlCellDoubleClick
gridGroupingControl1.TableOptions.ListBoxSelectionMode = SelectionMode.One
gridGroupingControl1.TableControl.FocusOnMouseDown = False
End Sub
Private Sub GridGroupingControl1OnTableControlCellDoubleClick(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As GridTableControlCellClickEventArgs)
Dim window = New Form1()
End Sub