How to hide a row or column in Windows Forms Grid Control

15 Jun 20211 minute to read

You can hide rows and columns using grid.Model.Rows.Hidden collection and grid.Model.Cols.Hidden collection. You can hide or show a range of columns or rows using grid.Model.HideCols.SetRange or grid.Model.HideRows.SetRange.

//Hides row 2.
this.grid.Model.Rows.Hidden[2] = true; 

//Hides column 3.
this.grid.Model.Cols.Hidden[3] = true; 

//Hides cols 1-3.
this.grid.Model.HideCols.SetRange(1, 3, true);
'Hides row 2. 
Me.grid.Model.Rows.Hidden(2) = True 

'Hides column 3.
Me.grid.Model.Cols.Hidden(3) = True 

'Hides cols 1-3.
Me.grid.Model.HideCols.SetRange(1, 3, True)