How to Make the Grid Behave Like a List Box in WinForms GridControl

15 Jun 20211 minute to read


You need to do two things to make the grid work like a list box. You must set grid.ListBoxSelectionMode property to make the grid select the whole row when you click a cell or move the current cell with arrow keys. This will highlight the entire row except for the current cell. If your grid is to be non-editable, you must highlight the current cell as well as handle CurrentCellActivating event.

//In form.Load.
this.gridControl1.ListBoxSelectionMode = SelectionMode.One;
this.gridControl1.CurrentCellActivating += new GridCurrentCellActivatingEventHandler(grid_CurrentCellActivating);

//The handler.
private void grid_CurrentCellActivating(object sender, GridCurrentCellActivatingEventArgs e)
    e.ColIndex = 0;
'In form.Load.
Me.GridControl1.ListBoxSelectionMode = SelectionMode.One
AddHandler Me.GridControl1.CurrentCellActivating, AddressOf grid_CurrentCellActivating

'The handler.
Private Sub grid_CurrentCellActivating(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As GridCurrentCellActivatingEventArgs)
    e.ColIndex = 0

End Sub