How to get the screen point for the given cell coordinates

9 Dec 2019 / 1 minute to read

You can get the cell’s rectangle in grid coordinates from RangeInfoToRectangle method. Then with the rectangle’s coordinates, you can get the screen point using PointToScreen method.

//For a given row and col.
Rectangle rect = this.grid.RangeInfoToRectangle(GridRangeInfo.Cell(row, col));
Point screenPoint = this.grid.PointToScreen(new Point(rect.Left, rect.Top));
'For a given row and col.
Dim rect As Rectangle = Me.grid.RangeInfoToRectangle(GridRangeInfo.Cell(row, col))
Dim screenPoint As Point = Me.grid.PointToScreen(New Point(rect.Left, rect.Top))