How to achieve Excel-like Text Alignment in Grid Control

15 Jun 20211 minute to read

Text alignment in Grid cells is similar to text alignment in Excel cells. When no data type is explicitly specified for a cell, by default, text containing numbers is right-aligned and the remaining text is left-aligned. If the data type of the cell is set to Integer, Double, or Decimal, the text is right-aligned; or else the text is left-aligned. In some cases, when the text contains numbers and the data type of the cell is set to String_,_ the text is left-aligned. This default text alignment also applies to the respective Header cells of the Grid control. Excel-like Text Alignment can be achieved in Grid cells by using ExcelLikeAlignment property. It enables you to apply Excel-like alignment to text in grid cells. This property is of Boolean data type and is set to false_,_ by default.

this.gridControl1.ExcelLikeAlignment = true;
Me.gridControl1.ExcelLikeAlignment = True;


The preceding settings can be applied to all Grid Controls.