How to find whether a particular docked control is hidden or not?

9 Dec 20191 minute to read

This can be achieved using the GetHiddenOnLoad method.

This method returns a value which indicates whether the specified control is hidden or not. The docked control should be passed as a parameter.

Parameter Description
Ctrl Indicates the docked control.

Console.Write("Hidden on Load" + this.dockingManager1.GetHiddenOnLoad(this.listBox1));

Console.Write("Hidden on load" + Me.dockingManager1.GetHiddenOnLoad(Me.listBox1))

SetHiddenOnLoad method will set the docked control as hidden at runtime.

this.dockingManager1.SetHiddenOnLoad(this.listBox1, true);
Me.dockingManager1.SetHiddenOnLoad(Me.listBox1, True)