Windows Forms MultiSelectionComboBox Overview

24 May 20231 minute to read

The MultiSelectionComboBox is a type of ComboBox Control with multiple item selection and auto suggestion capabilities. When you type a character into the text area, the control performs a search operation and suggest a list of possible matching results to select.

Overview of Syncfusion MultiSelectionComboBox

Key features

  • Display Modes – Three different display types are available for use.
  • Visual Item: Each selected value is displayed in separate box with close button.
  • Delimiter Mode: Multiple values are separated using comma.
  • ScreenshotNormal Mode: Only one value can be selected from dropdown list and displayed.
  • Auto Suggestion: The control performs a search operation and provides a suggestion list of matched items in its dropdown window upon your input.
  • Customizable Elements: Supports styling and customization of the text block and drop down boxes.
  • Keyboard Navigation: Supports using the keyboard to focus on the control, navigate through the suggestion results, and select a value.
  • Grouping Support: Supports to group its Drop Down items based on its initial character.
  • Multi-Selection: Supports to perform multiple items selection through drop down items, each represented with a checkbox.

Choose between different combobox controls

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