How to Detect When VisualItemCollection is Modified in MultiSelectionCombobox in Windows Forms MultiSelectionComboBox

9 Dec 2019 / 1 minute to read

The following code explains you on how to detect the VisualItemCollection modification using VisualItemCollectionChanged event. This event is triggered once VisualItem collection is modified in MultiSelectionComboBox.

private void MultiSelectionComboBox1_VisualItemsCollectionChanged(object sender, VisualItemCollectionChangedArgs e)

// To define collection modification
    if (e.Action == Actions.Added)
        string text = e.VisualItems[0].ToString();
Private Sub MultiSelectionComboBox1_VisualItemsCollectionChanged(sender As Object, e As VisualItemCollectionChangedArgs)

' To define collection modification
If e.Action = Actions.Added Then
Dim text As String = e.VisualItems(0).ToString()
End If
End Sub