How to Disable Sorting While Record Added

28 Apr 20211 minute to read

This page explains How to Disable Sorting while Record Added and more details.

How to Disable Sorting while Record Added

When GridDataBoundGrid’s data source is BindingList, you can perform sorting only using WrapperClasses. In the following example CellClick event is used to customize sorting with WrapperClasses:

void gridDataBoundGrid1_CellClick(object sender, GridCellClickEventArgs e)
    if (e.RowIndex == 0 && e.ColIndex > 0)
        int filed = this.gridDataBoundGrid1.Binder.ColIndexToField(e.ColIndex);
        string name = this.gridDataBoundGrid1.Binder.InternalColumns[filed].MappingName;
        WrapperClass wrapper = this.gridDataBoundGrid1.DataSource as WrapperClass;
        wrapper.Sort(name, true);
        e.Cancel = true;
Private Sub gridDataBoundGrid1_CellClick(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As GridCellClickEventArgs)
If e.RowIndex = 0 AndAlso e.ColIndex > 0 Then
Dim filed As Integer = Me.gridDataBoundGrid1.Binder.ColIndexToField(e.ColIndex)
Dim name As String = Me.gridDataBoundGrid1.Binder.InternalColumns(filed).MappingName
Dim wrapper As WrapperClass = TryCast(Me.gridDataBoundGrid1.DataSource, WrapperClass)
wrapper.Sort(name, True)
e.Cancel = True
End If
End Sub