How to Change the Column Header Text in Windows Forms GridDataBoundGrid(Classic)

9 Dec 2019 / 1 minute to read

GridDataBoundGrid by default uses the property name of the content of the columns as the header text. For DataTable, this is the DataColumn.ColumnName property.

To specify a header other than this default one, set GridBoundColumn.HeaderText property for the column. If you have explicitly added GridBoundColumns to GridDataBoundGrid.GridBoundColumns collection, then you must use GridBoundColumns in that collection. If you did not add GridBoundColumns, then you can use GridBoundColumns that are auto generated when you set the datasource to the grid, GridDataBoundGrid.Binder.InternalColumns.

//Changes the Header Text of 'Attribute' Column.
this.gridDataBoundGrid1.Binder.InternalColumns["Attribute"].HeaderText = "NewHeaderText";
'Changes the Header Text of 'Attribute' Column.
 Me.GridDataBoundGrid1.Binder.InternalColumns("Attribute").HeaderText = "NewHeaderText"