How to Change the BackColor for a Disabled ComboBoxAdv Control

9 Dec 2019 / 1 minute to read

Previously, once the ComboBoxAdv control was disabled, the BackColor property of the control could not be changed. This was due to the fact that, by default, all the properties of the control were disabled once the control was disabled.

Now, you can set the BackColor for the ComboBoxAdv control even in its disabled state by using the UseBackColor property.

//To change the backcolor of disabled ComboBoxAdv
this.comboBoxAdv1.UseBackColor = true;
this.comboBoxAdv1.BackColor = Color.Red;
'To change the backcolor of disabled comboBoxAdv
 Me.comboBoxAdv1.UseBackColor = True
 Me.comboBoxAdv1.BackColor = Color.Red