How to Identify whether a ButtonAdv Control is in Pressed State or Not in Windows Forms ButtonAdv(Classic)

9 Dec 2019 / 1 minute to read

When ButtonAdv.PushButton property is enabled, the button will remain in its pressed state, when clicked. The state of the button will be present in the property State. So by examining the state property, we can conclude whether the button is in the Pressed state or not. Using the Office2007 visual styles will help better understanding of this feature.

Property Table

Property Description
PushButton Specifies the state of the control. By default it is set to false. Set this to true. Now at run time, when the user click this button, the appearance of the button will change to pushed state and will regain its original state only by clicking it again.
private void buttonAdv1_Click(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
    MessageBox.Show("Button is pushed");
    MessageBox.Show("Button is in normal state");
Private Sub buttonAdv1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles buttonAdv1.Click
MessageBox.Show("Button is pushed")
MessageBox.Show("Button is in normal state")
End Sub