Appearance and Behavior Settings in Windows Forms CheckBox

26 Apr 20211 minute to read

This section discusses the appearance and behavior settings of the CheckBoxAdv control.

Appearance Settings


You can show or hide the focus rectangle of CheckBoxAdv control using DrawFocusRectangle property.

CheckBoxAdv Property Description
DrawFocusRectangle Determines if the focus rectangle is visible when it gets the focus. The default value is set to 'True'.
this.checkBoxAdv1.DrawFocusRectangle = true;
Me.checkBoxAdv1.DrawFocusRectangle = True

Windows forms CheckBoxAdv drawFocusRectangle is enabled or diabled

Behavior Settings

The behavior of the CheckBoxAdv control can be customized using AutoHeight, ReadOnlyMode and TriState properties.

CheckBoxAdv Properties Description
AutoHeight Determines if the CheckBoxAdv will automatically calculate its height.
ReadOnlyMode Specifies the Read Only Mode of the CheckBoxAdv.
Tristate Specifies whether the indeterminate state can be accessed through clicking.
this.checkBoxAdv1.AutoHeight = true;
this.checkBoxAdv1.ReadOnlyMode = true;
this.checkBoxAdv1.Tristate= false;
Me.checkBoxAdv1.AutoHeight = True
Me.checkBoxAdv1.ReadOnlyMode = True
Me.checkBoxAdv1.Tristate= False