Custom Dictionary in UWP Spell Checker (SfSpellChecker)

10 May 20211 minute to read

SfSpellChecker provides predefined dictionary for English language and also supports to custom dictionary based on Application requirement. SfSpellChecker provides suggestions based on custom dictionary. Users can use their own dictionaries for the different languages. Please follow the below steps for custom language spell checking.

Step 1: Need to create dictionary file for user desired language and add necessary words details in it.

Step 2: Then need to attach it with the application and define this file location in its property named CustomDictionaryPath.

CustomDictionaryPath property is used to passing the file path of the user defined custom dictionary.

Note: The BuildAction of dictionary file should set as “Content”.

Setting CustomDictionaryPath

Create a SfSpellChecker instance and set the CustomDictionaryPath as given in the below code.

SfSpellChecker SpellCheck = new SfSpellChecker(); 

SpellCheck.CustomDictionaryPath = "custom.txt";