Essential Studio for Universal Windows Platform Release Notes

September 15, 2023



  • #I126382, #I132696, #I78411, #I54473, #I181495, #I185396, #I162589, #I240901, #I295754, #I295754, #I228151, #I231790, #I393710, #I337521, #I409802, #F66452, #F180978 - Compare two DOCX format documents and highlight the differences including insertion, deletion, and formatting changes.



  • Added support for paginating the PdfHTMLTextElement in .NET core.
  • Added text only redaction support in the PDF document.
  • #I488916 - Added support to create PdfTilingBrush with specified inner and outer boundaries region.
  • Added support to extract images from the existing signature field’s appearance.

Bug Fixes

  • #I491729 - Fixed an issue where FindText does not work properly for a specific PDF document.
  • #I491312 - Preservation issue no longer occurs while drawing PdfTemplate.
  • #I493348 - Exception no longer occurs when inserting pages into the PDF document.
  • #I492409 - Null reference exception no longer occurs while getting the popup annotation Icon.
  • #I492417 - Finding text with text search option “WholeWords” is now working properly.
  • #I493428 - Fixed the text shaping problem that occurred when drawing Bengali script content to the PDF document.
  • #F180488 - Fixed an issue where the Timestamp Signer root and intermediate certificates were not being extracted properly from the DSS.
  • #I485690 - Pagination bounds height is now preserved properly while drawing the PDF grid.


No Changes for this product in this version.


Bug Fixes

  • #I489513 - The document with floating elements is now loaded significantly faster.
  • #I493105 - All the items are now preserved when loading a document with multiple floating items.



  • #I398064 - Provided support for creating threaded comments while creating Excel documents.
  • Provided support for adding scenarios in the What-If Analysis scenario manager.