Essential Studio for Universal Windows Platform Release Notes

July 26, 2022


Bug Fixes

  • #I382560 - Nested IF field result is now updated properly after calling UpdateDocumentFields() method.


No Changes for this product in this version.


Bug Fixes

  • #I390407 - Presentation library created documents will now properly open in Litera Compare tool.


Bug fixes

  • #I388357 - The pointer will be rendered properly when the pointers are added dynamically.


Bug fixes

  • #I386373 - The original resource is maintained correctly in the ‘Resources’ parameter of the AppointmentEndDragging event in the dragging appointment.
  • #I392473 - The touch interaction for swiping and scrolling will work correctly when appointment dragging is canceled in the AppointmentEndDragging event.


Bug Fixes

  • #F176166 - Used range is now updated properly while clearing worksheet range with move option.
  • #I387111 - Cell values being rendered improperly due to invalid argument separator in Denmark culture is now resolved.
  • #I385620 - Text overlapping while converting Excel to PDF with auto fit columns option is now resolved.
  • #I390444 - Argument out of exception being thrown while opening an Excel file with shared formula is now resolved.
  • #I387844 - Resolved the XML exception being thrown while openig Excel file with whitespace.
  • #I392008 - Not implemented exception thown while parsing custom table styles of Excel workbook is now resolved.
  • #I383129 - Default names are now generated for check boxes if the names are empty in xls format files.
  • #I384894 - Index out of range exception thrown while resaving an Excel document is now resolved.
  • #I390448 - Null reference exception while opening Excel document with data validation referring to external workbook is now resolved.
  • #I386003 - Resolved the file corruption while add copying an Excel with embedded object.
  • #I390520 - Multiple HTML tables can now ne imported to Excel document.