Essential Studio for Universal Windows Platform Release Notes

April 19, 2022


Bug Fixes

  • #I369723 - Image is now preserved properly while resaving a RTF format document.
  • #I372362 - Contents are now preserved properly after replacing the bookmark content in a Word document.
  • #I367587, #I371616 - Word and character counts are now updated properly after calling UpdateWordCount method.
  • #I370323 - Form field in inline content control is now preserved properly while resaving a DOCX format document.
  • #I371137 - Block content control is now replaced properly while replacing paragraph text.
  • #I370796 – Input file stream will not disposed internally while opening an HTML format document.
  • #I364096 - Paragraph formats are now preserved properly while resaving a DOCX format document.



  • #I363215 - Added the support to remove all unsupported annotations while flattening an existing PDF document.

Bug Fixes

  • #I372831 - Checkbox values now look properly in all PDF viewers.
  • #F173437 - The row issue will no longer occur when an extra page is added on PDFGrid rendering.
  • #I370312 - Date time format in text box field is now preserved properly after flattening the PDF document.


No Changes for this product in this version.


Bug Fixes

  • #I363400 - Pivot table cell formatting is now applied properly even in protected view.
  • #I375327 - Pivot table does not get collapsed when the minimize button is clicked.
  • #I374418 - File corruption while creating an Excel file with a cell value as “Nan” has now been resolved.