Essential Studio for Universal Windows Platform Release Notes

April 9,2019


Bug Fixes

  • #226490 - Corruption issue has been resolved while saving the DOCX format Word document.
  • #212671, #212772, #220859, #230072, #232381 - List style name is now updated properly while opening and saving a Word document.
  • #225752, #230460, #230460 - Line space preservation issue has been resolved when updating the Word document fields.
  • #228049 - Table left indent value is now updated properly while opening an RTF document.
  • #228222 - UnhandledException will no longer be thrown while inserting an image multiple times in Word document.
  • #228510, #232429 - JPEG image is now preserved properly while parsing and serializing a Word document.


No Changes for this product in this version.


No Changes for this product in this version.


Bug Fixes

  • #228441 – Application will no longer crash while saving the Free text annotation.
  • #232357 – Now, text in the Free text callout annotation will be preserved properly.


Bug Fixes

  • #230948 - Resolved serialization problem in Report Viewer when the chart title hidden property value is specified as expression.
  • #227904 - Resolved scope exception when report variables used inside aggregate function.
  • #226039 - Now, the chart will be rendered properly in Report Viewer if chart category field contains a null value.
  • #229678, #229680 - Tablix cell text content cut off problem in PDF export has been resolved.
  • #230005 - Now, text content will be displayed properly without wrapping when system scaling is increased.



  • #227983 - Exception, “Text length cannot be more than 32767” can be ignored using ExcludeAdditionalCharacters flag.

Breaking Changes

  • #227983 - ExcludeAdditionalCharacters has been added in IApplication class to ignore exception and exclude characters more than 32767 (maximum allowed characters) in a cell text.

Bug Fixes

  • #229121 - Picture name is now updated proper after removing a picture and inserting a new picture.
  • #226753 - Exception is no longer thrown while opening Excel file with formula in Dutch culture.
  • #230294 - Picture created with camera tool is now properly changed with INDIRECT() formula.
  • #230697 - After accessing the used range, relative range indexer is now working proper.
  • #231469 - Application no longer hangs while opening Excel file with picture that has unsupported element.
  • #226860 - Performance will not degrade on exporting a range to a data table multiple times.