Essential Studio for Universal Windows Platform Release Notes

August 28, 2018
Starting with version 16.2 (2018 Vol 2), you need to include a valid license key (either paid or trial key) within your applications. Please refer to this help topic for more information


Bug Fixes

  • #209408 - If field result is now properly updated while updating document fields in a particular Word document.
  • #211412, #212690 - OutOfMemoryException will be no longer thrown while performing Find & Replace functionality for a particular Word document.
  • #210863, #211412 - ArgumentOutOfRangeException will be no longer thrown while calling the FindAll() API for a particular Word document.
  • #211046 - The nested AutoNum field is now properly skipped while updating its container field.
  • #208117 - Hanging issue has been resolved while updating fields in a particular Word document.
  • #210867 - List number is now restarted properly on importing contents with ImportOptions as ListRestartNumbering and saving the resultant document as DOC format.
  • #209964 - List style is now preserved properly for the first paragraph inserted to a bookmark using Bookmark Navigator.
  • #211709 - Style attribute is now preserved properly while converting a particular Word document as HTML.


Bug Fixes

  • #207834 - Null reference exception thrown while loading some PDF documents is now fixed.
  • #210943 - String not recognized exception will no longer thrown when loading some PDF documents.
  • #210828 - Corruption issue after signing the PDF document is now fixed.
  • #211845 - SelectedIndex property issue in PdfLoadedRadioButtonField is now fixed.
  • #208585 - Form fields are not duplicated when loading and saving the PDF document.
  • #208463 - Underline text tags are preserved as figure will no longer occur when converting Word to PDF.
  • #210703 - Null value returns from the LinePoints property will no longer occur in PdfLine Annotation.
  • #210779 - Null reference exception will no longer occur when filling the form fields in the PDF document.
  • #211089 - Appearance are now preserved properly for selected item in the PdfLoadedComboBoxField.
  • #207022 - The text of multiline XFA text box field is now wrapping properly.
  • #204693 - The orientation value set in the image properties is now detected and rendered properly when drawn to the PDF page.


Bug Fixes

  • #209550 - Object reference exception will no more thrown while loading a PowerPoint document created with XMLPowerTools.
  • #211236 - Individual shape bounds within the group shapes are now updated to the properties while loading a PowerPoint document.
  • #209572 - Text with bold style are now preserved equivalent to the PowerPoint document while converting a slide as image.
  • #211236 - Title text character spacings are now preserved equivalent to the PowerPoint document while converting a slide as image
  • String format exception will no more thrown while creating animations in Afrikaans culture.
  • Access violation exception will no more thrown while re-saving a PowerPoint document with same file name.


Bug fixes

  • #212079 – Now, the thumbs will be positioned properly after resizing the task when changing dates in the TaskBarResizeCompleted event.


Bug Fixes

  • #210249 - The IsDocumentEdited property now shows the proper value when editing the annotation.
  • #208404 - Text markup annotations are now displayed properly in the PDF documents.
  • #204748 - The highlighted text search instance is not cleared when scrolling the PDF document using SfPdfViewerControl.
  • #207672 - Annotations are displayed in right position for the PDF documents.
  • #209577 - Text extraction for the PDF document is now working properly.
  • #210250 - NullReferenceException will no longer be thrown when trying to get value from the PdfLoadedDocument property in SfPdfViewerControl.
  • #209237 - Horizontal and vertical scroll values are now set properly.


Bug Fixes

  • #210753 - Invalid value formatting in concatenate operation for numeric and date time expression has been resolved.



  • #206599 - Added support for page break.

Bug Fixes

  • #210724 - The blinking cursor (caret) is now properly updated based on the selection format.
  • #208578 - Pasted punctuation marks from google translator are now properly rendered with respect to Right to left layout.
  • #211809 - HTML documents with wrong file extension (*.docx, *.doc, *.rtf) are now opened properly.
  • #211307 - The performance of text editing and opening documents are now improved.
  • #211833 - The contents are now properly wrapped in Block layout, while changing the control size.
  • #210501, #211833 - The FontWeight property of the control is now properly applied for the displayed text.
  • #212569, #213966 - System.Exception is no longer thrown while invoking asynchronous operations like import/export contents, printing in multiple view applications.


Bug Fixes

  • #210974: Custom appointments will be rendered properly when dynamically adding the appointments in the empty collection.


Bug fixes

  • #211514 - NullReferenceException thrown while opening a file in multi-thread environment is fixed.
  • #210082 - Exception thrown while copying an Excel document to another document with named range and saving is resolved.
  • #210172 - Conditional format formulas applied to ConditionValue property are now properly updated in advanced conditional formats.
  • #210172 - Image protection in XLS documents will not be removed after resave.
  • #209739 - Exception thrown while parsing workbook with empty styles is resolved.
  • #209443 - Merged cells are now properly copied to another range during CopyTo() method.
  • #138492 - Issue with ListOfValues property in Data Validation is fixed.
  • #209863 - Exception is no longer thrown while loading Excel document with EMF images in UWP platform.
  • Number formats are returned proper while parsing.
  • Print area is cleared properly when PrintArea is set to null.
  • Out of Memory Exception thrown while parsing a CSV file with large number of rows is fixed.
  • Issue with clearing Rich-Text and its formatting is resolved.