UWP Pivot Gauge (SfPivotGauge) Overview

25 May 20211 minute to read

The SfPivotGauge control for UWP is ideal for highlighting business critical Key Performance Indicator (KPI) information in executive dashboards and report cards. It allows you to present values against goals in a very intuitive manner. For relational data, the SfPivotGauge control allows you to visualize the summary value using the pointer over a circular scale. It comes with sophisticated customization support that provides endless possibility for customizing the control.

Key features

The key features of SfPivotGauge control are listed as follows:

  • Data source: Supports data binding with OLAP data source such as Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) and XML/A and relational data source such as IList or IEnumerable.
  • Multiple gauges and layouts: Customizes the layout while rendering the multiple controls.
  • Indicators: Displays the active/inactive state of the SfPivotGauge control.
  • Ranges: Highlights the range of values in the circular scale.
  • Pointers: Points the actual value and goal information.
  • Tooltip: Displays value and goal information when hovering the mouse over pointers.
  • Themes: Supports different themes like Office 2010 Blue, Office 2010 Black, Office 365, and so on to customize the appearance.
  • Custom appearance: Shows or hides the headers, factors, and labels as desired.