DataSource in UWP Diagram (SfDiagram)

9 Aug 20223 minutes to read

Diagram can be populated with the nodes and connectors based on the information provided from an external data source.

  • The DataSourceSettings of DataSource property is used to define the data source as a collection of objects which needs to be populated as diagram.

  • The DataSourceSettings Id property is used to define the unique field of each data.

  • The DataSourceSettings ParentId property is used to defines the parent field which builds the relationship between id and parent field.

  • The DataSourceSettings Root property is used to define root node for the diagram populated from the data source.

To explore those properties, see DataSourceSettings

<!-- Initializes the employee collection-->
<local:Employees x:Key="employees">
    <local:Employee Name="Steve" EmployeeId="1" ParentId="" Designation="CEO"/>
    <local:Employee Name="Kevin" EmployeeId="2" ParentId="1" Designation="Manager"/>
    <local:Employee Name="John" EmployeeId="3" ParentId="1" Designation="Manager"/>
    <local:Employee Name="Raj" EmployeeId="4" ParentId="2" Designation="Team Lead"/>
    <local:Employee Name="Will" EmployeeId="5" ParentId="2" Designation="S/w Developer"/>
    <local:Employee Name="Sarah" EmployeeId="6" ParentId="3" Designation="TeamLead"/>
    <local:Employee Name="Mike" EmployeeId="7" ParentId="3" Designation="Testing Engineer"/>

<!--Initializes the DataSourceSettings -->
<syncfusion:DataSourceSettings x:Key="DataSourceSettings" DataSource="{StaticResource employees}"
                               ParentId="ParentId" Id="EmployeeId" Root="1"/>
<!--Initializes the Layout-->                
<syncfusion:DirectedTreeLayout x:Key="treeLayout" HorizontalSpacing="80" VerticalSpacing="50" 
                               SpaceBetweenSubTrees="20" Orientation="TopToBottom"/>
<syncfusion:LayoutManager x:Key="layoutManager" Layout="{StaticResource treeLayout}"/>                               
<!--Initializes the SfDiagram-->          
<syncfusion:SfDiagram x:Name="diagram" LayoutManager="{StaticResource layoutManager}"                           
                      DataSourceSettings="{StaticResource DataSourceSettings}">
    <!--Initializes the NodeCollection-->                  
    <!--Initializes the ConnectorCollection-->

For more information about Node, Connector and Business Class[Employee] , Please refer the below sample.

Sample Link : DataSource Sample



By default, the node without parent is treated as root of the layout. Now, DataSourceSettings have option to specify the root node of the layout.

//object with id “CEO”, is considered as root of tree layout.
diagram.DataSourceSettings.Root = “CEO”;

DataSource with Root