UWP CellGrid (SfCellGrid) Overview

24 May 20211 minute to read

The cell-oriented Grid Control is a very efficient display engine for tabular data that can be customized down to the cell level. It does not make any assumptions on the structure of the data. It can be used in a virtual manner where the data is provided on demand in real time.

Key Features

  • Editing – Provides support for editing, you can modify and commit the values for each cell.
  • Cell Styling – Cell style can be applied to any range of cells, rows, columns and table.
  • Data Formatting – Allow users to customize each cell appearance such as font, background, foreground, borders, margin & padding and alignment etc.,
  • Cell Types – Supports various cell types likes CheckBox, ComboBox, DateTime, etc.,
  • Covered Cells – Merge two or more adjacent cells into a single cell and display the contents of one cell in the merged cell.
  • Virtualization - Supports Virtual Mode, which lets you dynamically provide data to the grid from an external data source through an event.
  • Row Column Manipulation – Support for dynamically inserting/deleting rows and columns and to adjust the row height and column width.
  • Resize and Hide Support for Resizing range of rows/columns and also provides support for hide and unhide the range of rows and columns.
  • Clipboard Operations – Provides Clipboard operations that allows users to cut, copy and paste content of grid cell.
  • Formula Calculation – Provides support for 400+ most widely used formulas which any business user needs.
  • Selection - Provides support for selection by using mouse, keyboard and touch interactions.
  • Frozen Rows and Columns - Support for Freeze panes to keep an area of a grid visible while you scroll to another area of the grid.
  • Floating Cells – Provides support for floating cell mode that is when the text exceeds the length of the cell, it will float the text to the adjacent cell.
  • Cell Comments and Tool Tip - Provides support for cell comments to give the reader additional context for the data it contains.
  • Excel Importing - Provides support for importing an excel file into the grid.