Active Directory Group Synchronization

This section explains how to synchronize the imported Active Directory group and its users with the Active Directory.

You can navigate to the group synchronization page from groups page.

Active Directory Synchronization Link

Synchronize Groups

User Management Server will list the Active Directory groups that are already imported.

Active Directory Imported group list

Choose the groups you want to synchronize and click on Synchronize at the top.

Active Directory Group Synchronize button

Synchronization Procedure

  • User Management Server will update the users in the group, group’s name and description from the Active Directory Server.

  • User Management Server will delete the groups if the group has been deleted from the Active Directory Server.

  • User Management Server will delete the user from User Management Server group, if the user has been deleted from Active Directory Server group. User Management Server will add the user into User Management Server, if a new user is added into the Active Directory group. If the new user is not present in the User Management Server,then a new user account will be created in the User Management Server and will be added into the group.

After synchronization completes, the number of groups modified, deleted, duplicated will be shown in the success message box.

Synchronization confirmation window

Duplicate Groups

Active Directory groups who has the same group name as that of the User Management Server groups (which are already present) will be marked as duplicate groups and will not be allowed to synchronize with Active Directory.

Display Duplicated groups