Essential Studio for TypeScript Release Notes

February 22,2018


Bug Fixes

  • #192396 - Corrected the name with parseJson method in typing file.


Breaking Changes

  • #179095 - The DOM structure in Autocomplete visual mode has been changed from SPAN to DIV based on HTML5 validation standard.



  • #196325 - Provided virtual scrolling support for loading files and folders on demand in order to improve performance.
  • #191114 - Provided API to customize the upload settings of FileExplorer component.



  • #188294 - An improved method for adding/removing resources dynamically to and from the layout has been introduced.
  • #181299 - Support to link together the same appointment to multiple resources has been added, so that the CRUD action made on single appointment reflects on all other grouped ones.

Breakng changes

  • #189169 - Appointments are now made to drag on mobile mode, just by tap holding and then moving it anywhere instead of dragging it through single touch and move.
  • ##192566, #194125 - Appointment resizes properly now, when field names are mapped with custom names.