Essential Studio for TypeScript Release Notes

September 28, 2016



Essential Studio JavaScript components has support for the TypeScript 2.0 which allow to use Type definition files.

  • These definition files code implemented in TypeScript.

  • Allow to specify data type of parameters, functions, and methods.

  • Provides intelligence support based on API reference document.

Breaking Changes

  • #160411 - The ej.widgets.all.d.ts and files have been removed, thereby use ej.web.all.d.ts file reference for rendering web components in TypeScript.



  • #161173 - The FileExplorer allows to access the shared folder which is connected via local area network.

  • #161660 - In FileExplorer, we have provided the API allowKeyboardNavigation to enable/disable the Keyboard Navigation.

  • #140098, #141095, #153296, #153869 - The FileExplorer allows files to be moved from one folder to another by using drag and drop. It also supports uploading a file by dragging it from Windows Explorer to a folder in the FileExplorer control.

  • #155542 - The FileExplorer allows thumbnail images to be compressed on the server side and loaded into the FileExplorer layout to improve performance when working with large size images.

  • #159186 - Provided the option to customize the ContextMenu items in FileExplorer control.

  • #159186 - Provided API allowSearchOnTyping to perform the search action only on Enter key press.

  • We have provided the sort by option to sort the files and folders in the FileExplorer in Tile / Large Icons views.



  • Provided support for read-only mode.
  • Provided support for context menu customization.
  • Improved the initial rendering performance.



  • Provided option in collapseAll/expandAll method to expand /collapse nodes up to specific level.

  • #156288 - Provided multiple node selection support in TreeView control.

  • #133614, #158321 - Provided option to drag multiple nodes in TreeView control.

  • #160961 - Provided option to get the child nodes of the specific node.



  • The RTE provides Custom execute command that execute selection, range and cursor based commands for all the browser. Since the default execute command behaves inconsistencies across browsers.



  • Provided support for WaitingPopup element append to the given container element.