Virtual Scrolling

14 Aug 20172 minutes to read

We can load large data on demand using allowVirtualScrolling property. By default, “allowVirtualScrolling” set as boolean value of “false”. When it is set true, list items will be loaded on every scroll action. The number of items to be loaded per request can be specified using the itemRequestCount property. By default “itemRequestCount” value will be 5. We have provided two type of option for virtualScrolling,

## Normal Mode
This mode allows you to load the list view data while scrolling i.e. each time the scroll bar is scrolled, it will send request to the server to load the data.

## Continuous Mode
This mode allows you to load the list view data when the scrollbar reaches the end point. In this mode, we can specify the number of items to be loaded per request.

Refer the following code example.

  • HTML
  • <div class="cols-sample-area">               
                        <div class="ctrllabel">Select a customer</div>
                          <div id="defaultlistbox">              

    Add the following script in your code.

  • var dataManger = ej.DataManager({
                    url: "", crossDomain: true
                // Query creation
                var query = ej.Query()
        $(function () {
            var sample = new ej.ListView($("#defaultlistview"), {
    			dataSource: dataManger, 
    			query: query,
    			fieldSettings: { text: "CustomerID" },
    			allowVirtualScrolling: true, 
    			virtualScrollMode: ej.VirtualScrollMode.Continuous