Report Designer integrates with Report Server to create and modify RDL reports from Report Server in RDL 2008/2008R2 specification standard. By using Report Designer, the data can be transformed into meaningful information and quickly build the reports using both table and visualization formats with the help of following features.

Key features

Data Sources — All the commonly used data sources like Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, OLEDB and ODBC are supported.

Business user friendly — The drag-and-drop friendly report designer application makes it possible for business users to compose reports without any help from IT.

Report items — All interactive report items that are commonly used in business reports like a variety of charts, pivot, grouping and grid have been included.

Report Parameter — Parameters are used to specify the data to use in a report, connect related reports together and vary report presentation.

Expression — Expressions are used throughout the report definition to specify or calculate values for parameters, queries, filters, report item properties, group and sort definitions, textbox properties, dynamic page header and footer content and images.

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